This post is a continuation of the “Facing Your Website Fears” series. If you haven’t already, read the intro, part 1,part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5 before reading this post.

We’ve reached the last part! Hooray!

Normally when solopreneurs decide to build or rebuild a website, this is where they start. They dive into the build or engage a designer without doing any of the background work first. Then they become overwhelmed by the process and/or the price.

Being overwhelmed is what leads to half finished websites or ones that look sloppy and chaotic. And when you’re taking on this project yourself, having it hanging over your head can be really demotivational. You’re not going to want to share your website with your community if you’re not proud of it. 

It’s going to be different for you, though. You’ve set yourself up for success. You’ve armed yourself with the knowledge and planning you need to approach your website with fierce confidence instead of fear. Now it’s just a matter of taking all of the planning and putting it to use. 

The process you followed in this series is the same one I use when starting a new website. I take into consideration my client’s goals, audience, offerings, priorities, and budget. Then I determine which platform we should use and how the website should be built.

Let’s revisit the topic of your budget. If you have set a price range within your comfort zone, leave it at that. Many solopreneurs get obsessed with the idea of finding the cheapest option possible. But if it’s in your budget and you’re getting something you love, stop obsessing over the final price. Especially since the cheapest option is not always the best option. 

Regardless of whether you’re hiring someone or going the DIY route, you’ve done all the work you need to set yourself up for success both now and in the future. I know it’s not always fun work, but by doing it you’ve gained confidence in yourself as a business owner and are no longer paralyzed by fear. You have found your fierce!

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