Why Design Matters

For 15 years, I’ve been designing websites that my clients can’t share with the world fast enough

is design an expense outside of your business goals?

You would be surprised how common it is for solopreneurs, startups, and nonprofits just like yours to overlook the clients’ experience with your brand. It’s natural to put all of your focus into your services and providing value.

Anything outside of that main focus, such as design and technology, are often completely removed from a typical business model. Because of this, your reputation with your audience becomes something of an afterthought. And anything design related becomes nothing more than an expense.

That’s why I’m here. 

it’s a lot to take on

When you separate your services from your branding, your clients’ experience from start to finish isn’t cohesive. You end up taking on tasks that are likely outside your wheelhouse to deal with it. You have this amazing service that just needs to be accurately represented.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

By making your brand design a priority upfront and hiring an expert to do so, you’re left with enough creative and administrative brainpower to blow your work out of the water – because it’s now the only thing you need to think about.

Strategic design is a solution

Design as an afterthought is an expense

Does design really matter?

Your audience will interact with your brand likely before you even know they exist. They’ll have tiny, little exposures that will inevitably lead to either an “I’m in” or an “I’m out.”

It’s up (and us) to ensure you’re helping them reach that “I’m in!”

User experience is a valuable asset

Clarity within your business benefits both you and your audience, and that starts with clear branding. Your identity, your mission, your voice, your design – they all impact what a client thinks working together would be like.

Clarity means you can talk anyone’s ear off about your services because you just get it.

Clarity means that your audience knows what to expect from start to finish and they’re thrilled the entire time.

penny rich, pound poor

Cost cutting can become prohibitively expensive in the long run

design is a business solution

Not an optional expense

If you’ve been at this for a while and just can’t seem to feel like things are going how you want them to, it’s time to approach those problems from a different angle. Let’s step back, take stock of your business, and map out how design and technology fit into what you do.

Even better, we’ll figure out how to use them to fill all of those gaps you’ve been feeling.