This post is a continuation of Facing your website fears part 1: visualize your future.

Are you the type of solopreneur who has a clearly outlined step-by-step process for each of your products and services? Or do you take a more agile approach and keep it fast and loose with general outlines but nothing concrete? 

I know creating processes for your offerings seems like an unnecessary step. Especially when you feel like you need to get everything done yesterday. And really, you just want to create content that makes a positive impact on people. Why do you need a process for that? It’s easy to overlook the value of this step when you’re pressed for time and excited to share your work. 

When you’re outlining your process, you begin working in a bubble and not considering how your clients are interacting with your offerings. It’s like you’re having a one-sided conversation and your clients aren’t connected to what you’re saying. And what happens if your clients aren’t connected? They don’t feel confident enough to make a purchase or won’t become repeat customers.

The concept of a process isn’t thrilling nor is it obvious, so it’s easy to feel underwhelmed and lost. Not exactly a formula to inspire you to do something, right? I approach this from a different angle with my clients. We have a fun exercise where we create personas for each ideal client, and then brainstorm how each client can be positively impacted by each offering.

Following this process does two things. First, it helps you determine what kind of website you’ll need and the features that should be included both now and in the future. Second, understanding how your services impact your clients will help you become energized by your work and will help you speak about your services with confidence and clarity.

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