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Branding Package Bonanza

Branding Package Bonanza 1600 1069 Melissa Zalinski

If your in the birthing stages of your business, or haven’t had the time to create a branding package yet, having one will definitely help keep you moving forward in the right direction as you make creative decisions. Whether it’s something as simple as creating a social media post, or as complex as creating a website, having your “look and feel” figured out will help keep everything tidy along the way. Here’s what you’ll need.

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Make it Different But Keep it the Same

Make it Different But Keep it the Same 1524 696 Melissa Zalinski

The design process can be long and tedious, and design-speak can oftentimes be a foreign language. Miscommunications are bound to happen – especially when deadlines approach and stress levels are high. Here are some tips on how to effectively communicate with your designer so you get a final product that you’re happy with.

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What You Should Know Before Building a Website

What You Should Know Before Building a Website 1600 1067 Melissa Zalinski

Starting a business is tough enough. Tax forms, business plans, marketing objectives, sales funnels – it’s enough to make anyone want to pop open a bottle of wine and sit in the middle of the floor rocking back and forth. This article will help give you a starting point to get you going.

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