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Priestess Paradigm

Bringing the Priestesshood back to the planet

A meditative journey created to promote the evolution of humanity.

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Sustainable City pLAn

Promoting a cleaner environment and stronger economy in Los Angeles

The Sustainable City pLAn website was built to highlight an environmental initiative by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti that provides both short term results and long term goals that will transform the City.

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Step Forward LA

Providing a path to citizenship and resources to help along the way

Step Forward LA has been one of my most meaningful projects. Giving prospective citizens a way to navigate the often confusing naturalization process was a great honor.

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Save The Drop LA

Encouraging community involvement to help fight the worst drought in recent history

Save The Drop LA is a city-wide initiative that encourages residents to get involved in combating our recent drought. The website is meant to be a hub for tips, resources, and community spotlights.

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Resources and help for victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence has no place in Los Angeles, and NoDVLA.org is dedicated to providing easily accessible resources for victims.

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LA Original

Showcase and promote goods designed, assembled, and manufactured in Los Angeles

LA Original is so much more than an online shop. It’s a hub for makers local to the city, a brand that defines LA as the creative capital of the world, and an organization that gives back to the community.

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Find Your Future LA

Connecting opportunity youth with career paths

This beta platform was built to provide knowledge, education, and services to Los Angeles area youths.

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